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Bedroom Design Project in Classical Style

Author's bedroom design project in classical style is a masterpiece of design art. Bedroom interior, which admires with its beauty, giving the villa owner in Abu Dhabi sense of aesthetic pleasure. First of all luxurious furniture delights in this project. Design Studio Dubai offers luxury design, which includes fully exclusive interiors. Most factories of the world produce exclusive pieces of furniture according to author's sketches of interior designers. Villa Design in Abu Dhabi fully reflects the high status of its owners. Interior Designers in ordinary and traditional canons of classical style mix exquisite and unique notes of author's solutions. Each square meter of bedroom interior is characterized by a lush and luxurious decoration. The high ceiling is decorated with a large circular niche with lush stucco decoration of curls that frame the wonderful luxury crystal chandelier. Interior lighting accents are complemented by additional LED backlighting and ceiling lights. The ceiling is outlined with exquisite stucco molding and gilding. Wall decor has become the basis of aesthetic perfection of the interior. Like a mirror, reflecting two walls are decorated with elegant pilasters, carved decor with gilding and luxurious silk wallpaper. And in all these charms of decor luxurious bed with high headboard looks more comfortable. Ivory furniture looks perfectly with lighter shades in the decor of the walls and ceiling. A big natural carpet in the middle of the room accompanies this soft and bright composition.

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