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Master Bedroom

The best solution, spectacular decorations, strict conformity to customers wishes and luxurious images are characteristics of each author's project by design studio Luxury Antonovich Design. The main purpose of the bedroom is to give a pleasant feeling of relaxation. This chic bedroom interior has been designed for a young girl with a creative character and graceful manner. Every detail of the interior subtly emphasizes her grace and elegance. Thus, the bedroom becomes the perfect habitat for relaxing and enjoyable moments. All areas of bedroom interior design, including the ceiling design, floor design, curtains design, wall decor and furniture are closely linked to each other and make a single expressive image of luxury. Interior Designers Dubai always closely monitor trends in technology, new materials and finishings, and actively take advantage of the author's project. Increasingly, in the ceiling decoration, along with traditional chandeliers and stucco decoration elements, fine additions are present in the form of fine LED lighting and overhead elements of volume patterns. In the walls decor textile wallpaper are in harmony with soft wall panels. Soft wall panel is made of noble velvet of cocoa with milk hue, which is not only an exquisite interior decoration, but also an excellent way of soundproofing. Usually in bedroom interiors we offer for decoration floors of natural wood of valuable species. It adds a feeling of warmth and comfort in the bedroom.

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