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Bedroom Interior for a Young Girl

Bedroom Interior for a young modern girl has bright and extraordinary character, as the young lady is. Bedroom design for the girl takes into account the nature, the child's age and taste preferences. The cozy interior is filled with luxurious mood with light and concise features. Bedroom design in modern style is distinguished with a special warmth of home comfort. The floor is made of dark wood of valuable species with special impregnation. Against this dark background a fluffy natural milky carpet looks stylish. Ceiling Design is more consistent with the style of minimalism. Interior designers Dubai replaced traditional chandelier with lines of LED illumination and spotlights that are placed around the perimeter of the niche. This gentle laconism is continued in the decoration of the walls. Superb combination of plaster of a light brown color and textile white wallpaper gives the interior a unique and vibrant character. In this gentle and inconspicuous space wonderful bright accents become soft lilac chair that is upholstered in soft velvet and a large comfortable bed. Bed is decorated with upholstered headboard, in natural leather with abstract lines. Daring design gives the interior a unique charm of luxury and comfort. The bed was decorated with exquisite cushions embroidered with sequins and silk bedspreads. Bedroom interior design has become a complex project. The apartments is divided by a partition into two zones. And one of the areas is a nice children's room with luxury furniture and decorative fireplace.

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