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Bedrooms Interior Design

Bedroom design can keep as the overall look of the entire interior house or apartment, as have separate interior story. Villa Design Dubai is in the style of modern classics. The style, which combines fine traditions and modern trends in interior design, the project of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design becomes a bright personality. House Design Dubai included design and engineering of several bedrooms. Each bedroom is incredibly beautiful in its cozy and intimate way and seductive notes. If the old classical interiors decorated with swirls of ceiling stucco decoration and solemn chandelier, today these magnificent moments added new methods of illumination. Lines of soft lighting, internally illuminated niches complement light and shade on the stucco decoration. In bedroom design harmoniously design of windows integrates, walls decoration, floors, and of course the image of furniture in the interior. The main element in the interior of any bedroom is definitely a bed. This apartment is decorated with luxurious bed, high padded headboard, which is upholstered in noble turquoise silk and decorated with carved decor. Curtains are in perfect harmony with the interior decoration of the bed. Silk turquoise bedroom interior brings a sense of light and a pleasant coolness. Wall Decor for the headboard is closely related to its configuration. Arch in the wall is supplemented with exquisite carved pilasters and decorated with gilding. Floor of the floorboard with carved patterns is covered with a charming carpet with inlays of turquoise silk.

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