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Modern master bedroom

The Modern Style

When designing a modern style bedroom there are a lot of things to consider. It is going to be your sanctuary where you'll rest, sleep, and recharge from a long day. The design of your bedroom should be relaxing so that you'll feel more comfortable and relaxed after the bustle of your day-to-day life. The unique detailing will leave a breathtaking sight for the homeowners making them feel royal and enjoy every second inside their modern style bedroom.

  • Visualize: Plan your room perfectly, It is important to have your desired design in mind and the Luxury Antonovich Design team will help you in making sure that your wanted outcome is fulfilled. 
  • Lighting: The lighting in your bedroom is important as it is the one to illuminate your room. In the model shown above the windows are strategically large to let in natural light to your bedroom. 
  • The professional designers of the firm make sure that there is enough light coming in your room and if needed they will install these artificial lights to keep your room illuminated. 
  • Color palette: In the modern style neutral bedrooms are always the best, it makes the room look more relaxing and peaceful, making it a tranquil place for you. 
  • Textures: Your bedroom should be a playful place that still has style. The added textures in the model above add a character to the room. The headboard, for example, is a nice accent that adds a fun texture with it's pinned design. The different accents of gold also add a smooth natural texture which creates a mixture of different styles in the master bedroom. 
  • Storage: The professional team of the Luxury Antonovich Design makes sure that everything you need is in your master's bedroom. The storage is seamless and is not too visible. There are a lot of ways to save space and create storages and it is important for the firm that you have enough storage space in your home.

Design that is perfect for everyone

Following these guidelines will give you enough idea of the process of how the Luxury Antonovich Design firm builds the master bedroom of your dreams. The goal of the firm is to give you a warm and relaxing place to stay in after a long and tiring day. 

  • The rug: Adding a nice cozy rug adds warmth to your room. It contrasts the marble floor which gives the room more character. 
  • Seating area: Adding a seating area makes your bedroom more comforting. It gives you an area to lounge around without staining your bed.
  • Accent wall: Paintings and other wall decors are also important in a bedroom design. The company makes sure that the size of these paintings will only add an accent and not make the room messy. 
  • The focal point: A masters bedroom is not complete without the focal point. In this design, the chandelier makes a beautiful focal point that is geared towards the luxurious style of the entire bedroom. 

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