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Modern Bedroom Interiors

Extravagant and a very beautiful interior of a bedroom in modern style created by designers of studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Authors of the project favorably emphasized features of the architectural plan of the house.According to the project, is very large in area room were allocated for the main bedroom. It is allowed to organize space, dividing it into three zones. Directly bedroom area, lounge area and a spa area for relaxing in the form of the original bath.All these spaces are combined into a single unit.To visually delineate each zone, interior designers use stylish walls of glass and brass.Each element of the beautiful bedroom interior design in a modern style characterized by a special charm and refined extravagance. The role of the walls partially performs panoramic windows through which open other rooms of the house. Also, as an elite wall decor, we proposed a light marble and brass inserts. The floors decor of white marble complemented by soft carpet at the bed area. Luxurious bed decorated with a massive headboard upholstered in leather. The spacious living room area with sofas equipped with a home theater system. To adjust the openness of the space, windows is curtained with beautiful curtains of light blue silk. Direct folds of fabric shimmering with beautiful reflections under the light of the chandelier.  The spa zone, in the center, is a round marble bathroom with the original podium. The combination of marble, glass, and natural wood brings to the interior a pleasant feeling of warmth of nature.Original design brought into the image of the room a unique charm of lightness and beauty.

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