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Modern Bedroom Interior

Part of the work on a design project of a luxury apartment has been the development of interior design bedroom for guests.Our customers are very hospitable and welcoming people who want with help of the bedroom interior to maximize demonstrate that they are always welcome guests and are ready to give them the best.  The design of a bedroom combines minimalism style and modernity eccentric accents. The interior is dominated by a warm range of brown, cream and chocolate hues. Ceiling decor looks volumetric and dynamic.Suffice deep niche is outlined by a thin gold line and illuminated from within. The bedroom interior lighting provides elegant table lamp, an elegant chandelier, and ceiling lights. Curtains in a minimalist style of plain silk shade of milk chocolate brought to the interior of a bedroom very cozy mood. The Delicious mood of the bedroom interior consists of many original design ideas.So, the decor panel behind the headboard may well resemble a white chocolate tiles. The decoration of the walls is dominated by an elite plaster cream-colored with a matte effect, against which look great panels of wood, lacquered. Furniture made of dark lacquered wood fit perfectly into the interior.And using an ornamental frame of the same wood, interior designers very harmoniously put into the space of the guest bedroom a large plasma panel.Maximum comfort provides a king size bed and two nice armchairs by the window. For floor decoration, interior designers offered a natural carpet and gray marble tiles.

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