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Master Bedrooms Interiors


For couples that spend a lot of time outside its house, it is important to have a master bedroom that would allow them to have a peaceful mind on their alone time. In this elegant master bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design, the design is luxurious and full of details. While it's sometimes thought that "patterned" interiors are cold and traditional, in today's homes, luxurious interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. This room is equally appropriate for the huge neighborhood, upscale houses, and traditional homes. The colors and forms of fresh pink and blue counteract rigid and cold spaces. In this bedroom, lush greens, rose gold and patterns are a staple, but we also inject more interesting organic colors such as those of earthy browns. Extravagant furniture is placed in an extraordinary place that is deliberately situated to be functional. Luxury Antonovich Design ensured that this sumptuous and indulgent room has enough furniture to use. Luxury Antonovich Design has culminated the best possible shading plan of extravagance structures. Outstanding amongst other parts of this room is its thoughtfulness regarding subtleties given by the gifted and expert interior designers of the company.


For the furniture; classic patterns and details over modern interior elements to give just the right amount of that luxurious traditional feel. The walls have embossed golden patterns that are intricate and well-coordinated. The patterned walls go beyond the entire room, giving a 360-degree luxury feel for the homeowners. The design continuous with the ceiling, with a chandelier that is equally stunning and elegant. The doors are in a darker shade of brown, making it a standout in the room. The color of it gives the homeowners easier access whenever they need to go out immediately. Likewise, the cabinets are patterned with almost the same shade of the door to give an element of uniformity with luxury and richness. The huge space cannot be ignored as it also has the most functional details. Chairs and tables are put into use giving the room all the things that it needed for a couple. This is partnered with huge curtains that can easily be standalone. It is two-colored and with layers that are exquisite and glamorous. Luxury Antonovich Design is in front of the interior design is that of its all around arranged execution that is elusive with its rivals. This strategy is the thing that makes Luxury Antonovich Design the most elite in the business of interior design.

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