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Master Bedroom Interior

Dubai Interior Designers from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio in work elegantly improvise, combining different styles. In this bedroom interior design such styles as modern classics and art deco are harmoniously combined. That bright and unusual character that is inherent in the house in Dubai, the authors of the project continued in the master bedroom ideas. This is the luxury with a touch of a visionary. Interior designers elegantly combine colours, textures, and materials to create such a cozy and unique image of interior design for bedroom. Of course, in each bedroom interior design furniture plays a major role. Namely, a luxurious bed. In this project, the large comfortable bed is decorated with soft high headboard, upholstered in noble velvet of creamy hue. Handmade embroidery with metallic threads in the form of an elegant monogram emphasizes the respectability of this interior. The light headboard looks particularly juicy and bright on the background of a soft wall panel. The textile panel is upholstered in a noble velvet of a warm lilac hue. And shallow rhomb-shaped marks with buttons add more charm. The panel is framed by mirrors, which reflect fine features of the cozy bedroom interior design. Against the background of mirrors bedside tables and elegant lamps look very impressive. Such luxurious pieces of furniture as a pouf at the foot of the bed and high arm-chair in the visionary style complement the cozy and comfortable interior mood. In this picture looks the decoration of windows, which are curtained with concise noble purple silk, looks perfect.

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