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Masterbedroom interior design Nigeria


Our team has designed this very intriguing bedroom which has a more traditional design and style. This is an interesting concept that gives the impression of a Victorian era and a classic bedroom which looks tranquil and regal. We will design your bedroom with a sleek and polished effect by keeping things coordinated. The neutral tone of the base color of the bedroom makes it look more unique and sophisticated. This bedroom is all about classic art-deco details. The bed is designed on top of a platform which is made of marble. The pillars served as a nice frame to the bedroom making it look more interesting with the customized carvings and details. The vintage look in this bedroom is designed to add a nice and luxurious feel to the bedroom without going over the top. This bedroom looks like a suite because of the elegance and beauty it brings. Just look at the gorgeous crystal chandelier that hangs as an impressive eye-catching piece in this neoclassical bedroom. We make sure to add a dramatic piece, which adds a nice vintage feel to the bedroom. This chandelier also ties the room together and keeps it looking perfect. To tie in with the vintage feel of this bedroom we also added an elegant crystal wall lamps with a unique crystal design. These wall lights are pinned to the wall to create a nice highlight to the bedroom walls. 


We want to stay true to the vintage design of the bedroom that's why we added features like drapes with fringe as the curtain set-up. You will notice that the heavy materials are decorated with embroideries of damasks. These curtains make the room standout with its perfect lighting. We added a massive decorative headboard with intricate detailing which creates a more vintage vibe to the bedroom. As wall lamps have begun to fade in the trend we used it to keep the look more vintage and relevant. We also coordinated this beautiful baroque-style designs with elements of gold and blue which gives the room depth while maintaining the classic look. The accents are all gold and blue which keeps the furniture simple and classic. This will keep the design more elegant and unique in so many ways and it will eliminate the over accenting pieces. We will make your bedroom a tranquil haven by mixing classic and traditional effect with luxurious décor. We will add accents to your room to give life to it like the flower vases on top of the tables. Feel free to let us know what you desire in a bedroom and we will gladly help you achieve your dream space. Feel free to contact us at any time and any day. 

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