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Comfort and coziness for each person are measured by different concepts. For someone, a high ceiling is needed to feel comfortable. Someone needs bright colors. And somebody likes quiet colors and discreet decor. It was this elegant and quiet restraint bedroom project by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design interior designers become the embodiment of such wish. The modern classic, perhaps, is one of the most demanded in modern design. It embodies the eternal concepts of beauty, this style is always in fashion and such interiors remain relevant for many years. Let's go back to the interior of this charming bedroom and look at the details. In the bedroom, there is a charming game of contrasts in every moment. So the milk-white ceiling with pearl shine contrasts the floor of a dark ebony wood. The headboard of the bed is decorated with velvet of beige shade, which miraculously frames a dark brown wood. Black glossy cabinets, a boudoir, and lamps with black lampshades are very bright and stylish looking against the background of light beige walls. A great role in creating the mood of the warmth of home coziness is played by textile design. Luxury curtains of creamy silk velvet echoes with a touch of soft carpet. A charming upholstery of sky blue velvet repeats the fabric in the decoration of the bed. Accessories play a key role in completing the artistic expressiveness of the image. These are original pots for vases with chrome inserts and bright accents of lighting in the form of a modest chandelier and eye-catching floor lamps. 

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