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Interior design villa Doha

The design of the bedroom in a modern classic style pleases the eye with its cozy and warm charm. The interior designers using a warm palette of colors and elegant decor elements create the perfect space for a cozy relaxation owners of the luxury apartment. Apartment design is a complete solution.Each room serves its purpose and thus becomes a concise continuation of the general design concept. Interior perfectly underlines features of the architectural planning. Two windows in the bedroom allow penetrating a sufficient amount of daylight. The curtains in the bedroom of the silk shade of milk chocolate have become a perfect solution for a cozy bedroom.Curtains in a classic style it is always a cozy, luxurious and respectable. In this embodiment, the designers have decorated curtains with wide light-colored edging, and soft holders. Decorative panels play a very important role in the interior.In the bedroom, the project authors by using decor panels reflected the main focus and adorned the wall behind the headboard. The design of a bedroom fully implies the development of the project with the materials specification in order to all finishing works have been carried out with the precision of visualization matching.So, for wall decor, we proposed an elite plaster with a matte effect and for the decoration of floorings light-colored parquet.Parquet board from light wood blends with the overall color palette of the interior.The design of the bedroom has a very refined and elegant character. Each detail fully expresses the respectability of the house.


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