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Gorgeous Master Bedroom Design

When creating interiors of bedrooms, designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio primarily focus on the owners of these rooms. And in the case when it comes to creating an interior for children, here the concept of the project can fundamentally differ from the overall design concept of the house. In this design project of the bedroom interior design, studio's designers offered refined variations of the classical style. This interior is entirely devoted to the eldest daughter of the owners of an elite villa. Interior design for teens it is a fine line between the design of children's and adult bedrooms. After all, it is very important to give the child feeling of himself as already quite adult and independent. And at the same time, it is important to preserve the feeling of a tender youth, without loading the interior with strict moments. If in the mansion there is a certain sense of aristocratic neoclassicism, then here the luxurious classic is a little echoed with the notes of art deco. Since the interior belongs to a young lady, the pink range of pastel shades was perfect for interior decoration. Designers improvise with different shades of pink. So the window was decorated with luxurious curtains of silk pink-peach hue. The soft folds of the drapery, which are formed with the help of rigid holders, create beautiful overflows of luxurious fabric. Very versatile and luxuriously decorated walls. Bouaseri filled with elite wallpaper from a special collection for children's rooms. The wall behind the bed headboard is decorated with a soft textile panel of velvet cream-pink hue. Additional panel backlighting makes this part of the interior more expressive.

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