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Exclusive guest bedroom interior


In the modern interior of the house a real good-natured householder wants to create the design of the guest room in a special and exclusive way. Guest room considered to be one of the main places that determine the impression of guests about the time spent in your house. The main purpose of its arrangement is our desire to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay for the visitors. The room should be convenient, bright and cozy. But at the same time, the atmosphere should be created the way when guests can easily feel them like at home.


In the project of exclusive guest bedroom interior by Luxury Antonovich Design we have chosen the combination of beige (close to chocolate with milk), light brown and purple colors, that can be noticed in beautiful curtains, soft and silky bed lining from natural fabric and furniture — beds with padded headboards, classic chairs with a slight accent of gold, that you can see all over the decorative items — framed mirror and elegant dressing table. They do not irritate the eyes and contribute to peace. In such a room every guest will be pleased to be. Spacious and graceful finish in a classic style, where all elements of the interior are in harmony with each other.


In a world of modern interior you can not do a full picture without textiles. It brings color to the overall design palette of any room and creates a tone of space. Competent combination of style and shades in textiles for Luxury Antonovich Design is not the issue. Balance, general perception and the of interior is created with the help of a successful combination of individuality and style decision.

Carpets are capable to fulfill not only an aesthetic, but also a practical task. Zoning is achieved through the smart use of this decorative item of textile while stick to the same color range.

Curtains in this project play an important role as they make you safe from prying eyes, and are also a significant decorative element. In this project of exclusive guest bedroom we decided to use a very exquisite mix of purple, violet and gold that brings the chic to the entire space and work with harmony with furniture and fit out.

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