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Charming master bedroom

Sometimes the interior has so vivid and distinct character that can immediately be described with beautiful epithets. How about this project of master bedroom can be said? It's interior with the mood of spring blooming.Again, classic style becomes an excellent way to reflect not only the respectability of mansion owners but also to create a true masterpiece of design art, which will be subjected to neither time nor taste changes.Spring flowering interior mood owes much to such an element as decorative stucco decor.Exquisite stucco decorations adorn the walls and ceiling. Curls of stucco molding with shades of pink and light green with floral motifs fill the room with a romantic charm. In these interiors are often used as an elite fragment of decor plaster bas-relief. Construction of the house always means creating maximum comfort, and at the design stage, is thought out every detail.As for the main bedroom in the house according to the project a room with two windows were provided. The windows decorated with beautiful Italian classical-style curtains.Luxurious silk in cream and light green colors is gathered in the soft folds of drapery by charming holders.Holders adorned with gorgeous flowers of silk fabric. When it comes to this form of work as an expensive repair, there is also provided use of the best finishing materials.Classic interior at all times gives to a house an aristocratic look.And in such a bedroom, owners of a luxury real estate will certainly feel kingly. Implemented projects always get an exact reiteration of all the renderings of the project and we look forward to the completion of this magnificent and interesting project.

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