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Someone's dream of his ideal bedroom can look like this. This is a royally luxurious interior of the bedroom, which was designed by the best designers. The bedroom is incredibly feminine and cozy. The warmth of home comfort permeated every square meter of space. Interior designers have once again proved that even a small bedroom can be royally luxurious. The dream of the owner of an elite apartment was a fireplace in the bedroom. Thanks to modern technology, such a wonderful attribute of the warmth of the hearth can be built in any space. Considering details of the interior you can feel the mood of tenderness, grace, and elegance, which impregnated the interior and which ideally reflects the character of the apartment owner. In general, three tints, pearl white, cream, and lilac play the main roles here. The white color of the walls is ideal to highlight the magnificent stucco decoration, which beautifully plays with daylight. The bright accent of the interior become beautiful curtains in the classic style made from the natural silk of a lilac hue. Curtains look very elegant and lush, thanks to a soft canopy wave and additional decor in the form of a silvery lace. The decor panels are filled with wallpaper in a delicately creamy palette with a light Damascus ornament. A large bed with a beautiful soft headboard of lilac velvet and framing of snow-white carved decor looks great with silk coverlets of cream shade. 


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