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Bedroom interiors


Luxury Antonovich Design doesn’t just stop from providing excellent design to its clients. We've provided a lot of designs for several personalities that are beautiful and amazing; hence we are also ecstatic to show this amazing design of a bedroom. This one is an example of a gorgeous bedroom design. This bedroom is minimalist, earthy, and bright, with hints of mid-century modern style. It also has a mix of excellent furniture and details from its sides. With regards to bedroom spaces, there are a million distinctive inside styles you can look over. Yet, for those who want to feel luxurious and extravagant, their bedroom space can be various things: a departure from the buzzing of the city life, a room that changes into a position of work, or a notice of the great life they have always wanted. This bedroom is a mix of all those things as it gives a relaxing yet luxurious style. Injecting organic- like colors and touches into one's bedroom entails a healthy balance between nature and luxury. A huge space doesn't have to be bland and mediocre. It can go a long way with proper master planning and design implementation. If you want a certain element of organic/nature that doesn't feel too obvious and a modern/contemporary design. Then this bedroom concept by Luxury Antonovich Design is perfect for you.


The bedroom was clean and plain walls that provide a minimalist and contemporary look in the overall design of the room. It is partnered with floor-to-ceiling curtains in the color of pastel green, something that is perfect if you wish to relax on your own. The colors are gender-neutral; meaning it could go well with either a gentleman’s room or a lady’s room. To add to the luxuriousness of the bedroom, light brown or cream is added as accents to the design. Small cabinets and chairs are put on the side to give functionality and easy access to several functions. Lamp shades and chandeliers are also of partners that would equally provide a vibrant feel to the room. Lighting is very important with Luxury Antonovich Design as it sets the mood of the bedroom. Likewise, the gold-plated accents are top-notch and would surely be eye-catching if a visitor would see it. With this, it makes the room more inviting. On a closer look, the ceilings are designed with extravagant details that are not easily ignored. The lights are well-positioned with rectangular shapes. The main important thing in the room is its bed, and it has minimalist details that is very much elegant and is easily noticeable. 

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