bedroom interior design Miami

In interior design, bedrooms always have one particular moment that greatly affects the entire interior, its artistic expressiveness and the correct perception of space. Such an element is always an accent wall behind the headboard of the bed. Indeed, you see, it is the bed in the interior of the bedroom that is the main element of comfort, decor and overall design concept. First of all, creating luxurious and exclusive interiors of bedrooms designers Luxury Antonovich Design very carefully choose furniture sets. Thanks to this direction of the company's work as the sale of luxury furniture in the center of Italian furniture Antonovich Home, this choice is always flawless. And when it comes to elite interiors, the furniture design is a big part of the project. Then, according to the author's sketches of designers, the best factories in Italy make furniture. It is logical that such furniture should be surrounded by the right decor, so the role of the accent wall is so important. This bedroom interior is made in the style of the modern classic. Interior designers, again and again, used such a luxurious and warmth-creating element as a textile soft panel. In this variant, the panel visually extends the height of the room. Light velvet and wide strips are complemented on the sides by mirror panels with geometric patterns. Interior designers intensified the luxurious shine of the interior with the help of original marble pilasters. A nice purple shade of furniture looks very nice on the light beige background of the panel. 

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