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    Business bay, Dubai
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Bedroom Décor interior by Katrina Antonovich

The charming interior of the bedroom in the modern penthouse was created by the best designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio. You can repeat a thousand times that it is the bedroom interior that plays a key role in our life. After all, here we rest and gain strength before new achievements. Here it is only our territory, where we devote time to ourselves, away from prying eyes. And do not need to remind you how important is the cozy and comfortable bedroom interior in a modern big city. When the noisy city around, the day is full of goals and events, it is so important that you can relax in your own ideal bedroom. And this ideal for everyone is different. Creating interiors, talented designers never repeat themselves. Each interior is a unique story of beauty, luxury, and comfort. The highlight of this project is two large arched windows with a beautiful city landscape behind them. The windows are decorated with luxurious curtains made of silk velvet. Thanks to soft decor from decorative silk roses of a cream shade, the velvet curtains forms beautiful folds and gorgeously falls to the floor of natural wood. To emphasize the beauty of the city, the windows are curtained with a translucent tulle of milky shade. In general, the interior is dominated by a pleasant palette in warm lilac tones. The walls are decorated with silk wallpaper with a delicate damask ornament. On the floor of natural wood, a natural carpet with a large, monogrammed design looks very bright. A luxurious bed with a high soft headboard and graceful ottoman complement the comfortable mood of the interior. 

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