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Having a glamorous luxury bedroom interior design has always been the dream of many. Luxury Antonovich Design has perfected the formula in creating a luxury space that translates to beauty and elegance. Similar to this luxury bedroom interior design in Dubai, the decor of the room is created in a way that glossiness is shown. Through the legend walls, the luxury bedroom interior design gives off an entirely stunning ambiance that is unmatched.

The luxury bedroom interior design also has a huge queen size bed where a couple can fit in. The colors are very much luxurious and it fits any couple. The gold accents are perfect subtle decor that creates a vibe of luxury. The curved bead frame is also a stunning one which makes this luxury bedroom interior design a perfect creation for those who want a luxury interior for their home. Not only the walls are amazing in this luxury bedroom interior design, the furniture as well was streamlined in such a beautiful manner that shows luxury and sophistication.

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