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Bathroom design for those who love the eternal celebration of life, for those who are true connoisseurs of luxury. Design studio in Dubai creates author's luxurious interiors of luxury homes and apartments. Bathroom design has lovely features and easy charm of a romantic mood. Art Deco in this project has a soft and easy character. Elite status of the apartment is exquisitely emphasized with the floor of natural marble with large curls of carved patterns. Bright accent in the interior of the bathroom was luxurious mosaic depicting large flowers in pastel shades. The walls in the bathroom interior are decorated with bright natural marble, which emphasizes the panels and makes it more vivid and juicy. The bath and the wall behind the large mirror are decorated with mosaic tiles with pearlescent. Carved silver frame that surrounds the mirror, makes the interior particularly elegant and luxurious. This beautiful composition of luxury holiday is completed with refined ceiling decor with waterfalls of crystal pendant of the chandelier.