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Bath Design Classics

Refinement and elegance of the interior captivates with its concise and aristocratic features. The bathroom design in neoclassical style keeps design concept of the rest of the apartment. Apartment design in Dubai embodies refined taste of its owners. And this line is traced in the refined spacious bathroom interior. Snow-white expanse of the ceiling is outlined with the line of molding. The main decoration of the ceiling is a chandelier with luxurious wrought iron elements and crystal pendants. Several projectors complement lighting of the bathroom interior, making the interior lighter and brighter. Bathroom design has a noble character. Elegant columns with white capitals visually support the high ceiling. The walls and floor are decorated with luxury marble tiles of creamy hue. The ease and sophistication of the bathroom interior please the eye and give a sense of aesthetic pleasure. The bathroom is decorated with mosaic tiles with exquisite geometric patterns.

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