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Classical Bathroom Interior

The interior design in classical style perfectly reflects the virtuosity of designers, their talent and experience. Bathroom design represents the highest degree of skill and ability to combine artfully excellent tradition with the latest technology. That magnificent splendor that is inherent in all villa Abu Dhabi, interior designers beautifully transferred to a bathroom interior, filling it with the charm of the palace of luxury. The bath, which is located near a large window, was the fulfilment of one of the wishes of the hostess. Enjoying a warm bath, you can admire the beautiful scenery outside the window landscape. Window with white frames in classical style curtained with wave pelmet of soft silk. Interior design as a fine art, such a trend can be seen in every author's project of the design studio in Dubai. Bathroom design is complemented with such traditional elements as moldings, marble columns and carved and gilded frame. Luxury bathroom interiors is for discerning connoisseurs of the world of luxury.

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