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Luxury Bathroom Design

The luxurious bathroom, which is decorated with stylish accessories and modern plumbing, please the homeowners with its comfort, beauty, and all conditions for relaxation. Luxury Antonovich Design provides perfect bathroom design, as an embodiment of the worldview of the true specialists. The highly skilled designers realize the dreams of family members into reality. A variety of decor elements plays a role not only adornments of luxury bathroom design, but also objects for placement of clothing and cosmetics. The central place in the design layout is given to a bath. The architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design provides all materials from the natural stone that has a water-repellent means. It gives truly functional intention to the luxury bathroom design. A well-chosen lighting system is a distinctive feature of the room. The specialists of global renown have used the spotlights with adjustable turning angles, as well as exclusive models of lamps in bathroom design in Dubai. The highlighting of some elements: shelves, the image on the tile, are playing in the stream of light, creating the effective images. The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design makes a wonderful luxury bathroom design to bring you pleasant moments of relaxation and comfort. Here you can forget about everyday troubles and plunge into the world of absolute joy and pleasure. Luxury Bathroom Design in Dubai is a perfect combination of beauty and harmony. 

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