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Charming bathroom

Ideas decoration of bathrooms it is a close relationship between the overall design concept of the interior features of the apartment and purpose premises.These examples of the decoration of bathrooms by design studio Antonovich Design confirm the fact that even in a minimum of space can be arranged luxuriously, functional and exclusive.Interior designers have combined minimalism and art deco.Yes, it's quite unusual combination of styles and it has helped to create such a vivid image of the interior. Improvisation with materials, textures, and lighting brought to the interior a special charm of elegant and festive mood.It is perfectly combined mosaic tiles of pearling and golden hue.Using niches with backlight gives to the interior space an additional volume and improved functionality.Mirrored pendant lights almost four times multiplied glowing of beauty in the interior.The mirror contributes to this, of course.The luxurious interiors of bathrooms and toilets, which design studio in Astana creates, becomes refined accents in each project.

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