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Interior design in a modern style becomes an excellent opportunity to implement the boldest and most daring design ideas. Apartment Interior design combines modern style with touches of minimalism. Interior Designers Dubai in this project very clearly demonstrate how cozy, luxurious and respectable interior in a modern style can be. The perfect geometry of comfort sets a relaxing stay in comfortable surroundings. The original decoration of the ceiling fills the interior with the special mood of energy and warmth. Rectangular attachments are surrounded by soft lighting lines. The original lamps and chandeliers in a modern style are an excellent way to determine the center of the space. Interior design studio Dubai from Luxury Antonovich Design always uses new technologies and innovations. Interior lighting is complemented with modern small spotlights, the designers have placed around the perimeter of the ceiling. Apartment Interior design Dubai is filled with the warmth of home comfort. This is facilitated by modern fireplace in the living room and upholstered furniture, which is lined with noble creamy velvet. The interior is full of original and stylish decoration. Comfortable sofas in the living room are decorated with additional original grid of polished stainless steel. Living room is harmoniously combined with dining area and kitchen. Elite status of the apartment interior is emphasized with the natural marble that interior designers Dubai used in the decoration of floors, walls and work surfaces of the kitchen. In the living room to give a warm and cozy mood designers have offered the floor of natural wood of valuable species.

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