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Luxuriously designed apartment

Luxury Antonovich Design architects are glad to present you a project of an incredibly exquisite interior design of an apartment in neoclassical style. Our designers had to deal with spacious apartments located in one of the expensive residential complexes of the city. This luxury apartment has been created for those who are looking for luxurious accommodation that meets the highest level and emphasizes the status of its owner. This apartment is located on the high floors of a high-rise building.

The inspiration for creating this apartment design project came from the outer world. For our experts it was important to create an interior that takes into account the specifics of the place and blends harmoniously into the surroundings. The result is a modern luxury home, the design of which is balanced by carefully selected materials and an amazing palette of colors. The interior of the penthouse is akin to a luxurious hotel and seasoned with colorful designer furniture, accessories and decor. The soul of the apartment is a spacious living room combined with a dining room and with a gorgeous view of the business district of the city. The magnificent penthouse from Luxury Antonovich Design is the embodiment of the spirit of freedom and modernity, a corner of tranquility and coziness in a noisy bustling metropolis.

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