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Charming Interior of the Children's Room

Children's room interior design for two sisters perfectly combines comfort, charm, functionality and ergonomics. Apartment Design Dubai is filled with festive mood in every room. For the interior designers it was an interesting task to organize the space so that each of the girls feels comfortable. Cozy and charming interior has a strong personality. In the project there are spectacular designs, which formed the basis of absolute comfort. Interior Designers Dubai divided the space into several zones. Between two luxury beds there is an area for practice with luxurious armchairs with ergonomic configurations. Extra long table made of wood, which is painted in milk white color and decorated with carved inlaid with gold, allows quite comfortably accommodate two girls at the same time. The beds are decorated with high upholstered headboard, cream-colored plush and inlaid with carved decor with gilding. Colorful accents of the children's room interior began with luxurious curtains and bright pink bedspread on the bed. Curtains are picked with stylish large tassels. A quilted bedspreads complement a cozy mood of the interior. To merge into one luxurious and comfortable children's room interior image, interior designers Dubai use stylish decor in walls and ceiling. The wall is decorated with soft wall panel. A ceiling is decorated with exquisite niche lines and lines of the backlight. Elegant chandelier completes the composition.

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