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The best bedroom interior ideas

Each house has  a room, where there is always a calm and privacy. Of course, we are talking about the bedroom, because it is here that we restore strength after a busy day. Rest and sleep at night  takes about a third of our time. To make the process of relaxation of most effective, you need to thoroughly think through the design of the interior bedroom.
Bedroom - a room where you can have the sweet sleep, aside from the constant worries and regain your strength after a working day. Therefore all in the bedroom should breathe peace and privacy, and contribute to proper rest.

Interior design bedroom by Katrina Antonovich always harmonious

The most optimal colors for the bedroom are considered pastel shades of yellow and beige colors. These tones contribute to  calm and rest. Green colors create a sense of freshness in your room. The blue color will make your bedroom cool. Yellow-golden tones will fill you with energy and vigor. All shades of red although it is a symbol of love and passion, we advise you to use them in an acceptable amount. Romanticism of your bedroom will give a white color. As well as its pearl gray and milky tones. Do not forget that all the dark colors visually reduce the space, respectively, are prohibited  in a small bedroom.
Designate different zones of the bedroom will help you: a niche in the wall for a bed separated from the main part of the room by arch , podiums, multi-level ceilings, and lighting.The bed is recommended to put to the wall headboard. Access to the bed should be free from all sides.
Today, fashionable and a reasonably convenient for this  is considered combined bedroom and dressing room.Behind sliding doors, there is a little room with mounted shelves and hangers, which respectively can store clothing. In this room you will be able to dress, while assessing your outfit, looking into the mirror.

The best bedroom interior ideas

The first step is to select the appropriate room.For the bedroom is best suited the farthest premise from the entrance and living room, it will reduce background noise to a minimum. If you choose a room with windows on the east side, then in the morning bedroom interior will be illuminated by the rising sun.
Creating a bedroom interior design, you should try to keep the correct shape of the room.
If it  originally had  disproportionate features, the design of the bedroom should fix it. The most appropriate will be smooth lines and passages because superfluous  angles only irritate the eyes and create discomfort. But is possible to make a multi-level ceiling, again keeping the smooth shapes. After all, bedroom design is characterized by the fact that the time we spend here - in a horizontal position, and our eyes looking upward.
A separate problem is the organization of lighting. Since the design of the bedroom created for rest, it is better to avoid direct light sources. You can use  matt glass  or fabric lamp shades, in this case, the light is diffused. Chandelier can be replaced by a series of spotlights. As additional lighting are perfect local sources of light, such as floor lamps, sconces or table lamps .The more varied will be backlight, the more comfortable will be the interior of a bedroom as the light level can be adjusted.
The color scheme is also important, it affects your mood and attitude to life. It is better to choose a light and warm pastel colors, in purpose that bedroom interior design evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation. Bedroom design also affected by the location of the room. If the windows face south, you can safely use cool colors, because a room itself is warm.If the windows facing north, comfort can give shades of orange and other warm colors. Thus, professionally created interior bedroom design will make the room beautiful and comfortable.



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