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Interior design services Miami

Interior design services  Miami

We combine our creative efforts, trying to create for you interiors full of harmony, style, and comfort. All design projects are created taking into account the world trends in interior design. This approach allows us to realize worthy and unique interiors with a modern technical component in the shortest possible time. The main task for us in creating an interior is to understand in what space it will be comfortable for the customer to live. Unite the often conflicting wishes of all family members. That is why we give great importance to the search for the image of the future interior and always show ideas in the form of sketches or collages even before the work on 3D visualization began. 

Our advantages 

It is important for Luxury Antonovich Design team to understand in what space you will live comfortably, taking into account style and comfort. 

Exclusive design 

We do not create typical interiors, we combine your wishes with your knowledge, we want to see a unique realized project and be proud of it. 

Compliance with deadlines 

Our creative tandem allows us to optimize work on the project as much as possible while shortening the terms of implementation. 


  • Experts with many years of experience and profile education. Competent making of project documentation. 
  • Competent drawing up of technical documentation, visualization of the project due to photo-realistic 3D visualization, as well as designer's supervision significantly reduce the risks of errors during repair and construction work. 
  • We offer a full range of services from design to construction and architectural supervision. 

What are the services of an interior designer? Let's consider the main advantages: 

  • Reducing costs. Interior designer services are necessary to minimize the cost. Thanks to the design project and 3D-visualization, you will be able to see in the smallest details the future interior, understand the size of the rooms, style and color scale. Each project is unique and combines your wishes, our experience, and original ideas. Design projects are developed on the basis of those. 
  • Communication without intermediaries. Unlike many firms, you contact not with the project manager, but directly with the interior designer. The designer personally visits the site. Only this approach ensures maximum mutual understanding, and accordingly the correct presentation and embodiment of the bright image of your home. 
  • Project documentation. The designer is personally explained with the construction team, this allows minimizing discussion of all technical issues. This eliminates errors in the misreading of project documentation. 

Designer's supervision 

  • Control over the conformity of the work to the design project. 
  • Planned visits of the designer to the site. 
  • Making the necessary changes to the project documentation, resolving the issues that arose during the construction work. 
  • Consultation and explanation of the project for builders, engineers for heating, air conditioning, electrical, water supply. By phone, e-mail. 
  • Help in the selection of finishing materials. 
  • Help in the selection of furniture. 
  • Help in the selection of lighting equipment and fixtures. 
  • Selection of decorative accessories and textiles. 

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