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Kitchen design Miami

The main purpose of the kitchen design has always been and remains the cooking.Now, however, a modern man even for such trivial activity ,creatively engage and seeks to organize in the kitchen ergonomic and comfortable space.  How can you describe a truly ergonomic kitchen design? First of all, this is the place where you can cook "in between times" and the process is easy and pleasant.
Modern household appliances can be built into the kitchen furniture of any style. Dishwashers and coffee machines, food processors, extractor hoods, now often do not purchase separately and are integrated into the kitchen composition at the design stage. Appliances need to be reliable and functional because, the kitchen - is the place for action and experimentation.

The golden rule of composition design kitchen:

  • It is important to rationally plan the interconnection of all production processes in the kitchen plans.
  • Wall blocks no longer play a leading role in the modern kitchen cabinets,  increasingly particular importance given to island elements - working unit, with easy access from all sides.
  • Very important sealing, monolithic surfaces - this is one of the highest achievements of modern kitchen interior design.
  • It is very important to remove most odors otherwise is their blending leads to decreased appetite, so you need to install the kitchen cooker hoods and provide fresh air.
  • The dining area can be located in the kitchen, in the living room plan, or in a separate room.
  • If the dining table is right in the kitchen, it is necessary to set a minimum distance of 120 cm from the cupboards.
  • The bar counter should be useful for a standing person, it is well suited for breakfast in a hurry.
  • Guests will be comfortable , if the bar stool height adjustable, and over the bar,there is local lighting.

Current trends in interior design kitchen

The new kitchen designs has a character today. Cylindrically shaped  furniture is ergonomic and interesting. Today it is fashionable to install the kitchen without upper hanging cabinets or with small  lightweight drawers.  Facades open by simply pressing and closed automatically, instead of the traditional knobs, may have a slot. In general, is fashionable a combination of contrasting surfaces, lightness, and solidity.  The lower kitchen blocks accepted to give a constructive ease, they placed on high legs, pushing it in a deep socket, or even hang up the massive blocks on the wall.By the way, is very convenient for the feet.
Living room combines with kitchen facilities are now even in the classical interiors. This integration is often useful, but if you cook in the kitchen a lot, is better isolate it, as the cooker hood is not always saving us from the smells and noise. To delineate the kitchen and living room areas will help of glass, wood or plastic sliding partitions. In the world of kitchens in classic style dominates the aesthetics of a country, with a quiet suburban comfort. Decorativeness of such  kitchen  is highlighted by stained glass panels, soft cloth pockets, and blankets. For a healthy appetite and digestion are good warm wood tones, "ripe" red, orange, yellow and terracotta, the color of coffee with milk, beige, cream, and ivory. White is good in all cases, foods on its background looks advantageously.


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