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Garden design Dubai

Garden design Dubai 

Garden design Dubai, truly, is a real art. Thanks to it, you can create a picturesque corner on any site. This is just a miracle when it is possible to arrange something beautiful, delivering aesthetic pleasure. Professional designers help to realize a unique landscape design that will give the customer genuine pleasure. 

Large territory for the Garden design Dubai is not required, because its main conceptual bases are harmony and coziness. It can be called the garden of your soul, and you must merge with it into one piece — only, in this case, you will be able to enjoy its beauty, resting here with your soul and body. 

Garden design Dubai is gentle contours and flowing lines, a combination of plants and luxury. Here there is a calmness that promotes to complete relaxation. Such a garden consisting of smoothly flowing from one to another design elements such as shrubs and trees of low and medium height. Artificially created water bodies of rounded forms with the smooth water surface, waterfalls, and small fountains. All this should be bright. One of the important details of the Oriental garden is stone and mosaics. Many paths and shady places to relax. 

Garden design Dubai is thoughtfully arranged stones, neat bridges, beautiful illumination, a few plants, artificial ponds, waterfalls, gazebos. Elements used in the Garden design Dubai, in no case should be repeated, each of them must be special. 

Since the garden could be designed for a small area, you can create luxury, exclusive and very beautiful landscape on it. Everything is created here not for walks, but for admiration. The main principles of Garden design Dubai are thoughtfulness and luxury. The more the owner of the territory have taste and financial possibilities then more guests are welcomed here. 

Luxury Antonovich Design provides landscaping services and a garden design of any complexity. After all, during years of making business in Dubai and the UAE, we have accumulated enough knowledge and practical experience to confidently state the quality of our work! 

Garden design Dubai is not only a modern and developing direction in the field of landscape design but also a complex activity, requiring literacy and experience of designers. Do not trust its newcomers if you are not ready to correct other people's mistakes, spending on it extra money and time. 

Garden design Dubai services 

  • Landscape design 
  • Automatic watering 
  • Outdoor lighting 
  • Greenery 
  • Paving 
  • The arrangement of flower beds, lawns, rockeries 
  • Reservoirs, decorative ponds, fountains, waterfalls, pools 
  • Soil preparation and treatment 
  • Analysis of water and soil 
  • Construction of fences, hedges, gazebos 
  • Planting of trees and plants 
  • Design and equipment of sports and children's playgrounds 
  • Care of plants 
  • Designer's supervision 

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