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Nice home design Dubai

What is "contemporary style" interior design?Straight lines, clear shapes, a minimum of items. This decor created contrary to traditional notions of comfort. Graceful surfaces, a minimum of pomp, luxury fabrics, with simple patterns or no patterns, little decor instead of a large number of artists paintings and statues, different trivia on the shelves.

Features of this style recognizable and well researched, it is very well-known style.

Concerning modern interior décor, it does not have clear rules and regulations. The contemporary style characterized by some basic features, although it is likely not a dogma is a very flexible system, because, to capture and describe the current moment it is very difficult. Why is it so popular? Great emphasis on the lines and forms (the two main components of a drastic design) defines the clean modern styleThese interior design solutions for open spaces, rich with natural light and light air.There is no room for chaos, for each element, there is the place.

Direct lines

Starting with the architecture and interior finishing items, all in the modern design is oriented strictly along the coordinate axes, and the three-dimensional structure itself becomes a cornerstone element of the premises design.

Neutral color scheme

White, beige, gray, black - the most popular colors of modern style. The monochromatic color scheme in these colors allows the lines and forms to express themselves in the foreground.  What is it mean neutral color scheme? In fact, the term "neutral color scheme" is very widespread.Take as a basis a multi-color - a color that can not be described in one word, and you have to use complex metaphors and adjectives (for example "blue-bluish" or "coffee with cream" hues). Add to it more semitones and tints. If you want to add to the interior - color burst, let it be a focal accent wall or a bright piece of furniture.

Open space premises

Current design solutions, open spaces made popular. It's not just big and empty space, it is almost a piece of art, in fact, the gorgeous interior of modern architecture. Without leaving your own home, you can feel the grandeur of the interior: due to its size, the room is perfect for a truly gigantic scale furniture or paintings modern painting.  If you like to walk barefoot, then the contemporary style is for you.  It does not accept any carpets because of his predilection for solid, smooth surface.Floorings can be made of any material, but especially relevant to the modern design of the interior flooring and light wood (maple), solid wood (oak), natural stone, granite or cement coating of crushed marble.  You should choose the carpet not with traditional oriental ornaments but with a geometric pattern or just with an unusual texture, pleasant for barefoot.You can experiment with the carpets, use several different hues and geometric method of installation. For walls, you should give preference to a monochromatic textile with a very short pile.

Brilliance and shine

The interior can not be called a truly modern if it does not have some vivid highlights.This implies that such things must be present in your home in one form or another. Chrome, steel, varnished surfaces, glass, plastic, tiles and other materials that look great by themselves or in combination with each other - mix and match them in contrast to each other, and the ability to reflect light.

Modern furniture

Modern, luxury exclusive furniture, all built on the idea of perfect forms and shapes. Proper lines and accurate design: you will not find here numerous folds and draperies, lush and pomp. On the contrary, sofas and armchairs legs are visible at once, rather than hidden behind long furniture covers.  Minimum of accessories and items.  Modern style requires compliance the rules, all accessories must strictly conform to the shape, color, and quantity.

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