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Dubai architecture design

Dubai architecture design

In the modern successful and beautiful city, high requirements for architecture and design. After all, your house should not be worse than neighbors? Yes, and technology is not standing still, the availability of comfort is increasing every year. How to combine smart technologies with comfort and beauty of the interior? Architectural engineering consultants in Lagos will help you in this. 

Best house designs images Dubai

The motifs of stylish black and white cinema in the interior of the apartment were reflected by interior designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design. Modern style in the interior in the works of the studio as well as interiors in Empire style, in the style of Provence, interiors in the style of Art Deco, American style or Baroque, Rococo, minimalism acquires individual author features that repeat the character and tastes of the apartment owners. In the rooms of this apartment, the classic combination of black and white colors creates a unique stylish atmosphere of comfort and coziness. High stretch ceilings adorned by the strict cylindrical chandeliers of black color. The snow-white walls are accentuated by neat sconces and black platbands around the glass doors. A large comfortable sofa is covered with noble black textiles. A large black and white print on one of the walls is in perfect harmony with the overall picture of a stylish interior. To feel the warmth and comfort, the floor is made of natural wood of a dark shade. The living room area and dining area are separated by a snow-white partition, which is elegant and functional with shelves for books and decorative elements. Black-and-white curtains are stunningly contrasted with snow-white tulle, creating best house designs images London. The kitchen continues the stylish charm of all rooms. The subdued gray color on the facades of furniture, walls, and ceiling creates an atmosphere of cozy harmony. The design of the study room contrasts with the overall range of the interior of the apartment. A snow-white mood for minutes of inspiration with exquisite details reigns here. 

Ideas from architectural engineering consultants in Dubai

Design apartment project in Art Nouveau style with light touches of the festive Art Deco style from the architectural engineering consultants in London. A small apartment has its own individual cozy features. The stylish interior is made in gray shades. White stretch ceilings along the perimeter are highlighted by soft illumination. The interior of the living room is combined with a dining and kitchen area. In each zone, the accent of light mood is rectangular author's crystal chandeliers. The upholstery of the brocade sofa with a silver print pattern emphasizes that it is not only comfort and coziness but also luxury. Kitchen in the style of minimalism seemed to dissolve in the overall picture of a harmonious luxury interior. The area of the dining room and the dining room area is divided by a neat bar counter, which has high chairs according to the author's sketches of interior designers. Part of the walls are decorated with plaster with the texture of natural marble, and part of the wall is made of masonry painted in white. Black and white bedroom bring a romantic mood. The wall behind the luxurious bed is decorated with wallpaper with an openwork black and white pattern.  All the walls are decorated with snow-white wallpaper. The stylish interior of the bathroom is laconic and harmonious. The contrast of light and dark tiles makes it incredibly refined and clear. The architectural engineering consultants in Dubai perfectly embodied the desire of the customers to get own best house designs images Dubai. 

We always work for our client. We take into account and implement all his wishes, we help to save where it is permissible. We help to choose the best decent materials available on the market. Contact the studio Luxury Antonovich Design and you will not regret it! 

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