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interior architecture dubai

Interior Architecture Dubai

Often house architecture plans observe certain rules and requirements, laid down by designers. Now house design modern contemporary does not follow any patterns, there are no restrictions and impermissible techniques. In the modern interior, everything can be used. Modern house designs and plans are a reflection of your image, brings comfort, functionality, convenience.

The main thing that modern designers follow, creating house designs and floor plans is durable materials and ease of maintenance.

House design 2018 should fully meet your wishes, be in harmony with you. Under the modern direction is understood several style solutions, which appeared as a result of experiments with a variety of materials, images and other components of house design modern contemporary. Thanks to many experiments, several types of the modern interior were highlighted, each of which is bright, original and does not have strict limitations.

Modern Interior Architecture Dubai

One of the brightest representatives of modern styles is Hi-tech. Hi-tech for a fairly short time found a lot of fans. Modern interiors of apartments, made in the style of Hi-tech, have a specific concept of beauty. House architecture plans can be presented by such rather rough and unusual for the house materials, like metal and reinforced concrete and materials such as plastic and glass. In this modern style, every detail is designed for practical use, but at the same time, it delivers aesthetic pleasure, because there are no unnecessary details, which makes it possible to rationally arrange the housing without problems.

If to compare with other stylistic directions, Hi-tech cannot boast of a home coziness, the interior has almost no natural materials, soft fabrics and other elements that create coziness. Therefore, most often this style is applicable to work zones. For example, the High-tech will look great in the kitchen design.

Despite the beauty, choosing such a style, you are adding to your life and extra efforts, because every material used here, need constant care and if you not regularly monitored and cleaned, then after a while the interior will lose its original appearance. All these efforts will complicate the calm home environment.

 Interior Architecture Dubai Furniture

As before, and now, people are close to a warm texture, natural materials, solid furniture. All these components will create true home comfort. Such material as wood is the best representative in creating a cozy atmosphere. In fact, each of us expects from the house simplicity, functionality, and convenience. We need natural materials, clean air, lots of light and space. To create the required furnishings, the modern house architecture plans use built-in furniture, which will perfectly help to save usable space and will be easy to use. Built-in furniture is almost always used in modern house designs and plans of the hall and other important rooms. Such furniture along with others has a number of advantages. Firstly, the design allows you to properly use the existing niches in the apartment, which allows you to save the area of the premises without damage. Secondly, built-in furniture allows you to create a unique interior. Third, in the decoration of furniture, you can use any patterns and colors. The built-in construction must be made of quality materials, so you do not doubt its durability. For today, such furniture is the basis in any style, even if it's a classic.

This applies not only to the color scheme, but also to furniture, and even small decor elements. If select parts of the interior in harmony to each other, you can get a bright, unusual and original modern style in the house design photos with floor plan. It is enough to choose for yourself a single material, on which to focus, performing the interior. For example, in the role of it can be wood, and in the interior, we will use several variations of wood in furniture, decoration. Simultaneously, you can use light and dark wood.

Villa exterior design by Katrina Antonovich

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