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The Latest Interior Fit-Out Technologies and Materials


The attractiveness of any home depends on the interior fit-out. It is the final touches in the arrangement of an apartment or house that make them comfortable and cozy. Many prefer conventional materials that are time-tested and guarantee reliability and durability. However, the construction industry does not stand still, and new, more effective and less costly technologies in fit-out work constantly appears.

Luxury Antonovich Design offers its customers new technologies and the latest materials in the construction, decoration and fit-out of walls, ceilings, housing, apartments. In general, the materials for the interior fit-out remained the same: wallpaper, tiles, various panels of gypsum and wood, varnishes and paints. However, our company cooperates with manufacturers who have improved the quality of fit-out materials: now they have new, valuable in operation properties and unusual forms that allow you to create an innovative interior design. Fit-out materials that have appeared recently are gaining popularity. Some new building materials and technologies for fit-out of walls, premises and applicable in construction are made in a special way that allows them to glow even in the dark. Interest in such materials may arise from owners of apartments, houses, cottages, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues.


  • Seamless wallpaper — decorative ribbons, the width of which corresponds to the height of the room. Seamless wallpaper is glued not vertically, but horizontally, as a result, the room takes on a neat and complete look.

  • Innovative wallpaper. According to some characteristics, they resemble ordinary vinyl or paper wallpapers, however, under the influence of any heat source, they change color, a pattern appears on the surface. The secret is in the use of special paint, which shows its properties when heated.

  • Flexible stone. The coating imitates a natural stone and is a durable and wear-resistant material. Walls lined with flexible stone look as if covered with natural granite or marble.
  • Art parquet. Modern technologies have also affected the production of parquet. So, art parquet is an expensive floor covering made of various types of wood.
  • Leather tiles. Such material looks very expensive and modern, and high-tech plasters will create a stylish interior in rooms with special conditions: latex options freely tolerate a high level of mechanical stress, and silicate ones are not able to become dirty or swell.

Truly ultramodern and high-tech apartment fit-out in Dubai can only be done by real professionals from Luxury Antonovich Design who monitor all the market news and take the most proven technologies into circulation.

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