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Layout design in Riyadh

Layout design in Riyadh from Luxury Antonovich design is an individual approach. No two houses are exactly alike, as well as two completely identical families. We are ready to develop a planning solution specifically for you and your family based on your requirements, preferences, habits, and lifestyle. We offer you all the possible options and exterior home technology. You will only need to choose the one that best meets your expectations and status, reflects your personality and style. After that, architects and designers will begin to develop the project.

Our specialists will fit your home at the site, selecting the most effective location for it. We will bind the house to the site boundaries, study information about engineering and geological surveys on the site (if not, we will perform them), and specify the location of geological boreholes. If necessary, at each stage of the project we are making the required corrections and additions, and the adjustment is carried out throughout the project documentation. Upon completion of the individual project, we are ready to prepare cost estimates of construction work for you. In the project of the building foundation and the roof project at the design stage, we give economically viable solutions that will optimize the cost of construction.

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