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Gorgeous Villa Design Bangladesh

The stylish interior of the living room is designed in the same tones as the hall. It was with the help of the ceiling decor that the designers were able to combine the hall, the living room and the dining room in a very intricate way. The smooth outlines of niches with lighting continue along the entire perimeter of the ceiling and are complemented by luxurious chandeliers.

In the design of the house, the interior Bangladesh is ideally in harmony with successful architectural solutions.

So at the high window, which extends to the entire height of the building, the designers placed a stunning fireplace in a marble frame and comfortable furniture for happy moments of rest at the hearth.

Careful attention was paid to the interior of the office. Here luxury and comfort serve exclusively for creative inspiration in those moments when it is necessary to work at home.

The stylish interior of the dressing room took into account the wonderful taste of the owners of the house and their love for beautiful things. In the spacious apartments, the dressing room is ideal for planning what to wear.

No less luxurious and charming interiors of bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms has become an ideal place for relaxation and relaxation, surrounded by a beautiful interior Bangladesh.

Comfort, designed for a healthy lifestyle, in all its splendor reflected in the interiors of the hammam, pool and home sauna.

Interior designers Dhaka masterfully played with light solutions and textures. The project of the house not only became the ideal realization of the dreams of its owners, but in many respects surpassed their wildest expectations.

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