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Entrance design Bangladesch

To ensure that all design solutions are implemented flawlessly, even at the first stages of work on the project, we are thinking always about the smallest details. The interior of the hall perfectly emphasizes the architectural features of the building. The space of the hall sets the correct first impression and solemn mood. The floor was decorated with white Italian marble with carved patterns. The elite project of a villa in Bangladesh included the development of   authors furniture and a family logo. The family logo will be an excellent way to preserve the family history and emphasize your personality. The elaborate curls of the patterns on the marble give the interior the charm of the royal palace.

Directly above the central composition of the patterns on the floor, the ceiling was decorated with a beautiful light fixtures. The ceiling is framed with magnificent stucco decor and insertion of stained glass. This technique makes it visually easy and weightless. For each project, engineers and architects think through all the moments to make life in the house comfortable and absolutely safe.

A white marble staircase with a forged balustrade and marble railing leads to the second and third floor of the villa.  The hall interior in Bangladesh is designed in one design concept. The floors are decorated with carved patterns. The walls are complemented by marble pilasters with stucco capitals and gilding. 

The design of the interior design is based on a laconic combination of shades, textures and authoring solutions. The interior of the hall gently prepares us for a more luxurious and sumptuous mood. 

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