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Cozy Bedroom Design Bangladesh

The project of the house from the interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly reflected the wishes of its owners about their own ideal habitat, where luxury and splendor will be a perfect confirmation of the status of a noble family with aristocratic roots. Projects of Bangladesh houses from studio specialists are a world-class level. Talented interior designers masterfully combine old traditions of classical style, baroque style, rococo and modern trends in interior fashion. Excellent knowledge of modern materials processing technologies allows you to realize the most daring authors interior solutions. The design of the house is distinguished by a large number of authors decor elements, which harmoniously combine with each other. The interior designer Bangladesh paid special attention to the decor of the ceilings. It is the ceilings in this elite interior that become the main element of luxury and grandeur, from which this fountain of beauty and harmony continues. In the interior of the hall, the ceiling is decorated with a round shallow niche with artistic painting. Golden curls of copyright patterns have become a charming decoration of a stylish interior. Already from the first moments of stay in the house it becomes clear that the owners of the house are connoisseurs of art and everything beautiful. The ceiling of the interior of the living room is made in the form of a circular vault, which is filled with an openwork mesh of carved wood. Complex engineering solutions formed the basis for the realization of this ceiling. As a result, the stylish interior of the living room seems visually very light, airy and exquisite.

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