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Classy Bathroom in Pakistan

Classy Bathroom in Pakistan

Thinking about the function of a bathroom,is difficult. The idea of a nice tranquil spa-like always comes to mind. But one of the best things in having a bathroom is that it should be clean, warm and easy to manage

We create top of the line bathrooms are created using materials such as marble, granite and porcelain. In addition to the smooth and glossy shine, these surfaces are very easy to maintain. When it comes to a bathroom space, it is imperative that it is cleaned as often as possible. This is why luxury bathrooms by Luxury Antonovich Design are generally expensive when it comes to materials, but you’ll know that the whole structure will last a lifetime.Another element in which we like to add into the bathroom is your personal taste. Luxury Antonovich Design will give you a wide range of bathroom designs and fixtures. The sink and bathtub designs will add a nice accent to your bathroom. We will have a selection from one of many different colors and finishes of metal – from modern brushed chrome to elegant gold brass tones, we’ll have you every design that you can think of. Indeed, your bathroom can be as stylish or sedated as you wish.

Our goal is to give you a luxurious bath at the comfort of your own home. Our bathroom design is about comfort combined with style. 

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