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Children`s Bedroom Design Bangladesh

The maximum of comfort and functionality was presented to this interior of the childrens room by the ideas of talented designers from the interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design to this interior of the childrens room Bangladesh. To work on projects of childrens rooms for teenagers is always very interesting and fascinating. Young room owners, as a rule, take an active part in the work on the project. This beautiful interior reflects the light and dynamic character of the daughters of the owners of the elite apartment. Modern style with a touch of minimalism and high tech, could not be better suited for realization of the childs dream of his ideal room. Since the childrens room itself is not very large by the area, the interior designer took as its basis a bright range of shades. In the common cozy milky-white din, the colorful prints on one of the walls with the names of countries and cities are very stylish and bright. Charming and gentle looks ceiling design, which is decorated with a shallow niche with illumination around the perimeter and a luxurious authors chandelier in the form of a large flower. In the design of the window, interior designers left the traditional curtains and replaced them with modern blinds. Despite its laconicism and restraint, the interior looks very cozy. The epicenter of this warmth and comfort was a large comfortable bed made of natural wood. Complementing this charming mood is a light floor made of natural wood and a soft fluffy carpet. Snow-white cabinet furniture, as if dissolved in the space of the room, without loading it with its presence and at the same time introducing such necessary functionality and practicality.

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