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Bedroom design Bangladesch

Bright accents and sophistication of the interior of the bedroom made this image unique and beautiful. The beauty and grace of the mistress of the bedroom is invisibly repeated in the guise of a luxurious interior. The design of the bedroom became a wonderful repetition of the subtle perception of the surrounding world and the understanding of its beautiful owner. The interior design in Bangladesh from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is a creative process. The design of the bedroom has certain features that are related to the purpose of the room. In the interior of the bedroom, everything is devoted to pleasant moments of relaxation. And the main violin in this orchestra of luxury and comfort, undoubtedly, belongs to a bed.

This authors bedroom design in Bangladesh fascinates with its special and unique charm. Everything is impeccable and harmonious. The ceiling forms a molding with a charming decorative wave of stucco molding, covered with gold leaf. The interior design of the bedroom was perfectly highlighted by the architectural features of the room. Curtains in the interior of the bedroom became one of the main and striking accents. A wave of soft folds of drapery made of noble silk is amazingly combined with curtains made of chocolate shade. The interior is very warm and homely.

Interior design Bangladesh from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design necessarily involves the use of luxury materials, luxury furniture from the worlds leading brands and exclusive design solutions. This approach allows the clients to offer interiors that are unique in their beauty and correspond to the most fashionable trends. The design of the bedroom embodies the fine influence of classical style in modern design. Interior designers Bangladesh skillfully combine classics and art deco, creating the luxury of a new era for true connoisseurs of the world of luxury.

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