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Rustic Kitchen in Lahore

Rustic Kitchen in Lahore

The Antonovich stunning kitchen design is a classical embodiment of the rooms in the sixteenth century. The elegance of the color brown that is used in the cabinets on this room is similar to a chocolate bar dashed with the creaminess of caramel, and adorned with the petite chandelier in the middle. The ceiling is lighted on the edges, encircling the chandelier is the colorful ceiling that is arranged like a petal, constructing a flower above the kitchen. The entablature of the cabinets is similar to those of a face with large googly eyes, starring at you as you prepare your meal in this kitchen. The counter on the other hand is similar to a rotisserie, the lights giving it flames, with the tiles blending it well. The cupboards are well detailed with semi-white gold details, and finished with a matte varnish to give off the non glossy finish. The center island, is capped off with a mini roof that is suspended with chains, to provide a safe environment by removing the posts, it prevents you from bumping into those. The patterned tiles gave this room character, by blending the straight lines with the leave pattern on the floor; it clearly illustrates the thought that gastronomically enticing meals are created in this kitchen. 

The neoclassical design of this stunning kitchen is seen with the details etched on the panels before the ceiling, and on the lining of the room. The fine details on how it was made is really fascinating, like an icing on the cake, it accentuates the room; also, at the same time, it looks like a variety of white trays, aligned and fastened to the walls. If you will walk into this room, you will smell the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee and spices of nutmeg and cinnamon, greeting you as you merrily prepare your family’s breakfast. What is fascinating about this chamber is that it is like a sweet delight, hypnotizing you to stay in this room and have a meal, sit back and relax on this wonderful, spacious and luxurious, Antonovich stunning kitchen.

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