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Mosaic Bathroom Decor and Accessories


Mosaic is an excellent material for facing the walls and floor in the bathroom. It is durable, resistant to water and moisture, has great potential in terms of design. Luxury Antonovich Design Company is a manufacturer and supplier of the entire known mosaic spectrum. Our own production and a streamlined system allow the timely delivery of products and implementation of a design projects of different complexity.


Mosaic art is valuable not only the complexity of execution, but also the possibility of obtaining rich, and sometimes unique paintings. When developing compositions, our masters most often perform geometric patterns in the form of edging, lines, zigzags, triangles.

A panel from a mosaic of non-contrast colors made in an ornamental theme is always a winning option. It is unobtrusive and original. To bring such an interior solution to life is not difficult at all -you need just contact Luxury Antonovich Design specialists. For those, who prefers a spectacular interior design without frills, we can choose a partial mosaic decoration of the bathroom. Experts of our company advise to use it on individual elements:

  • Framing mirrors.
  • Bath screen.
  • Apron over the sink.
  • Around the window opening.
  • Engineering ducts, columns.


In the assortment of our company there are more than 4,000 mosaic titles from different fit-out material:

— natural stone — marble, onyx, travertine. It is most often used for lining floors, primarily because of its enhanced qualities of strength and durability, resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. The most widespread such stones as marble, granite, onyx and jasper;

— exotic materials (bamboo, coconut, seashells);

— glass and metal. Glass manifests itself as a material resistant to moisture and chemicals, from which it becomes a leader in the category of ease of care. Mosaic of metal goes on its way to its popularity. Chic material allows you to create an extraordinary interior fit-out, especially when you design a strict high-tech interior. Metal mosaic can act as the main elements of the bathroom, shower, kitchen, pool lining, but it also perfectly combines with mirror or glass mosaic;

— shale and composite materials. The main advantage of which can be called the richness of the color palette, capable of ensuring the selection of shades to any artwork.

The full range of services of our company — mosaic, installation and installation, mosaic decors in the bathroom. A full range of consultations — from design to technical parameters. The advantages of mosaic decor from Luxury Antonovich Design Company:

— Consistency of color.

— Ability to facing curvilinear elements (columns, arches, bends).

— Large decorative potential (unlimited color possibilities, textures).

— Unlimited service life.

— Resistance to household chemicals.

— Ease of care.

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