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MEP Design and Engineering Services


You can’t have a building without MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) building systems. Our team is professionally engaged in the design and installation of all engineering systems in private homes, cottages, high-rise buildings and industrial facilities. Luxury Antonovich Design — is a construction and fit-out company, which carries out both the development of the project and installation of heating systems, plumbing, installation of water supply and sewerage systems, electrical installation, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Luxury Antonovich Design performs all types of fit-out works, restoration and construction of new water supply networks, while using modern technologies, equipment and materials to achieve the best result. Cooperating with specialists of our company, you can be sure of high quality of services, observance of modern standards of safety and durability of communications created by the hands of our masters. Our company is a leader in the market for the maintenance and repair of engineering systems in enterprises, residential buildings and complexes.

Specificity of sanitary works from Luxury Antonovich Design depends on their purpose and type of equipment. Plumbing is divided into household, which is installed in apartments and houses, and professional, focused on the use of public facilities.

— Sewerage clearing

— Repair of water supply systems;

— Repair of external sewer systems;

— Repair of internal sewer systems;

— Installation, repair and reconstruction of heating;

— Maintenance of heating systems;

— Video diagnostics of pipes.

Regardless of the specifics, the installation and configuration of plumbing and other elements of water supply requires professionalism, which is present in Luxury Antonovich Design Company.

Our talented craftsmen perform:

— Installation of hot or cold water;

— Installation of heating and sewage systems;

— Installation of various plumbing fixtures;

— Installation and connection of household appliances.


Among the main activities for the arrangement of the communications network a significant role is played by electrical work from Luxury Antonovich Design. They are indispensable in the construction, fit-out, restoration of structures, regardless of their purpose. Certain communications need to be laid even before the start of other construction works. This project creation, installation of individual elements, equipment configuration. Common needs include the repair and maintenance of electrical networks, the replacement of wiring, the installation of home or office equipment, the installation of lighting, switches, sockets, and various mechanisms.

Features of electrical work includes the necessary training:

— Estimate the amount of work;

— Selection of the necessary materials with optimal performance and electrical parameters;

— The choice of professional tools;

— Planning of the power grid, taking into account its type and method of installation;

— Study of the object and supporting structures to calculate the location of the equipment and the expected load.

Electrical and plumbing work from Luxury Antonovich Design is not only the creation of functional, practical and durable communication systems, but also a guarantee of safe use of the network. Experienced professionals have all the necessary knowledge and skills for planning and implementing projects of varying complexity, taking into account the individual characteristics of a specific task and object.

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