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Best landscaping design ideas

Landscape design - a special culture of your everyday life. But the main thing in all of this - a perfect comfort and great looks of territory around your home! 

Landscape Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design Dubai provides all types of landscape works from the project to its implement: smooth lawns, beautiful composition of ornamental trees and shrubs, flower beds and flower gardens-pleasing  the eye all year round, gazebos, rocky terraces, streams and small ponds with clean water, an elaborate courtyard lighting, original rockeries and fountains, paths and tracks. Also, our studio provides professional care, both for private gardens and other areas created by our designers. Our style of work - it's creative ideas and high quality of work performed. 

During the work, we have accumulated rich experience in the landscaping of the city and private areas: parks, residences, gardens and sites. For their realization, we used all of our experience and knowledge, modern technology and high-quality planting material. The ability to create a real landscaping, putting in it whole soul,  has brought fame and recognition to our studio. We treat each of our projects with love, aims to create a beautiful and wonderful world that surrounds your home. Together we can work wonders. Territory size doesn't matter, an outlandish garden is possible to create even on the five acres of land. The main thing is that we love our work and are proud of own achievements.

We are always glad to cooperate and we wish you harmony with nature and yourself!

Our services in landscape design and gardening:

  • Landscaping and Design
  • Dubai Landscaping
  • Land improvements
  • Aquatic architecture
  • Long-term service and care for the site​

Landscape Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design has a significant advantage over their competitors.In our studio, working exclusively upscale landscape designers with specialized education and years of experience. To perform work on landscaping and planting your garden, we use only high-quality materials. For each site, we make a personalized and exclusive project of landscape design, which takes into account all the wishes of the customer, climate zone, relief features and characteristics of the soil and the natural processes of the landscape.

The range of services offered by landscape design studio Luxury Antonovich Design  includes all kinds of works on landscape design and landscaping of your site, ranging from the creation of the future   project of the site, and completing  the guarantee service, and if client desires, the  constant maintenance of your garden. Our studio offers the following services: landscape design; landscaping services - vertical gardening, winter garden, roof garden, greenhouses; landscaping; the creation of water bodies; creating rock gardens, alpine gardens, rockeries; maintenance of gardens; construction of retaining walls and walkways, planting beds, flower beds and hedges; seeding or laying of turf; garden center; installation of irrigation and lighting systems; and gardening - trimming, spraying and fertilization of trees and shrubs.

Creation of small architectural forms : gazebo, barbecue, pergolas, fences, bridges, fountains and playgrounds.Planting large trees (large-sized plants) achieves extraordinary completeness effect of landscape design of your garden. Any landscaping on your site of our studio specialists will perform at a high professional level! We offer a huge selection of planting material as the large-sized trees and shrubs and flowering plants for landscaping and landscape design of your site; ornamental trees, shrubs, large trees, plants, seedlings, perennial and annual flowers. In addition, you can order the supply of planting material. You always get the advice of qualified professionals in the selection of planting material for landscaping, gardening, planting of large trees and care for them.

Landscape project in landscape design

In order to start the performing of any works on landscape design of your infield or equipping of your winter garden, you should first order  the implementation of landscape design. Our designers will develop for you design project of landscape design of any complexity. The project presented by drawings  - is a 3D model of your landscape design that show the maximum amount of information to the customer   and are complete and the final draft of the object with all the colors and materials used. The more design of the future garden project was made competently  , the more depends on it the final result of all the work on an embodiment this project into reality. 

Years of experience in the field  of landscape design allows professionals of our studio to arrange the landscape of any complexity and implement the most daring ideas and dreams of our customers. We will help you to develop a landscape design that will be represented by a single well-designed composition. You need to select only the direction of the work and the results of it will surpass all your expectations.

Entrust your garden to professionals! With the company Luxury Antonovich Design everything is possible!



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