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Best exclusive kids room design ideas

The child's environment has a tremendous impact on its development, so parents tend to make children's rooms both as possible  more comfortable and interesting to play.  Kids room functionality.  The most fabulous and colorful children's room also has to be convenient, multi-functional for your child.The child must be able to freely use the items and devices in an interior room. Basic development zones in the kid's room: play, work, area for rest and sleep of a child. Design a kids room.

Solutions that offers designer Katrina Antonovich for  a kids room decoration are used in the interiors of the most luxurious villas worldwide.

Design a kids room have a certain degree of influence on the child's development. In the cozy and functional room child will grow and develop normally. What want to achieve any parents.In order  the room is liked by a child , adults should carefully consider the zoning premises. In a kids room must be present 3 separate zones: the play, learning and sleeping.

When designing children's room interior design, special attention should be paid to lighting, as in childhood very easily to spoil vision. For full illumination coverage, should be chosen a ceiling chandelier. Do not forget about the local illumination. So, for the gaming and sleeping zones ideally suited recessed ceiling lights, and for the desktop should use powerful lighting desk lamp with the light direction control.
In the interior of a kids room, each corner should be used rationally. Thus, in one corner of the wall can be placed the bed  and at the other, computer desk. Next to the bed is to put a chest of drawers for clothes. As for  the working area of the bedroom, it could be fenced  off by shelving with books or wall with built-in shelves, on which will look great the photos  in the framework, children's crafts, medals, and other important accessories.

The classic design of a kids room because of a universal color scheme, simple and  solid furniture, will look stylish for many years. Furniture made of natural wood gives strength and energy for growth,  fills the space with warmth, tranquility, and confidence. Paint, wallpaper based on own sketches, colorful applications, accessories or drawings  – important not to get carried away and remember that children's interior does not grow along with the baby and after some time it has to be  changed.
Room "screen" - Batman, Spiderman, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and other fairy-tale characters  – children need idols and heroes to emulate.Using cartoons and movies characters  in children's design, you can create that special world, even a little theater, which will help your child grow up and become a real man. Attention to small details! According to psychologists, looking at complex flowery patterns on the walls helps to develop a child's imagination. The color scheme of a kids room - the cornerstone. After all, color forms the character, it helps to cope with difficulties or distract from the negative emotions. Сhildren perception of colors are not like adults and are largely dependent on age. Babies after birth, see the world in black and white colors, and only later begin to distinguish between red, yellow, blue and green.

Design a kids room - a very laborious work. It all has an impact on the consciousness and the future life, worldview, and character.

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