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Artistic Curtains Design And Decor


A good interior is part of the image, an essential condition for a good mood. At the same time, curtains play an important role in any interior. They emphasize the overall style of the room, create a unique atmosphere, and also provide comfort and convenience. 

Luxury Antonovich Design Company is ready to offer you hundreds of different window design options, in accordance with your tastes, needs and requirements. And you can be sure that only you will have such curtains — because tailoring of curtains in our workshop of Luxury Antonovich Design Company is carried out strictly individually, taking into account the characteristics of the room and the wishes of the customer. Nothing is more valued than individuality. Especially in the modern metropolis, where everyone wants to express themselves with the help of visual techniques.

Work on the design of curtains begins with the departure of our designer on the object. The curtains designers of Luxury Antonovich Design workshop are real professionals who value their reputation, work in good faith and invest their soul in their textile miracles. The designer of curtains is an artist, a creator of beauty, an expert on textiles, a decorator, a connoisseur of modern fashion trends. Such work requires deep knowledge and skills in a variety of ways. And the result of this work are the curtains that you have always dreamed of. When developing sketches, many parameters are taken into account:

— the style,

— and colors of the interior,

— the wishes of the customer,

— matching with furniture selection,

— the lighting of the room.


The original custom-made curtains created by our company can not only decorate the room, but also emphasize the style of the interior, bring comfort and luxury to the room. Properly selected curtains can be both an independent element of the decor and a harmonious part of the overall design. A unique, inimitable in its beauty look to curtains is given by a variety of accessories and decorative elements.

 In their work, the designers of Luxury Amtonovich Design curtains studio use different accessories:

— exquisite braids,

— cords,

— brushes,

— tiebacks (metal, crystal, fabric, rope)

— tassels,

— buckle clips (holders),

— fringe,

— inlay, etc.

Such accessories will give your curtains a finished original and unique look. Luxury Antonovich Design offers individual design and tailoring of curtains from the world's leading manufacturers of fabrics, installation, hinge, installation of cornices, textile decoration of decorative elements. Our workshop of curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design offers only high-quality curtains to order, which will impress you with its diversity and shapes. We use only natural and environmentally friendly materials that are manufactured using innovative technologies and will serve, giving pleasant emotions, for a long time.

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