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Modern ceiling design takes an important part in creating an interior in any room, dictating the tone and style. The multi-level ceiling from Luxury Antonovich Design fits perfectly into the most original design concept. It is always laconic, and fulfills such an important role in the interior as the union of solutions, such a ceiling can make friends at first glance not very compatible parts of the interior.

Multi-level plasterboard (gypsum) ceilings with lighting, made by our craftsmen, allow not only to hide the flaws of the ceiling, to hide various communications (ventilation and electrical wiring), but also to give the interior a unique look. Such construction is a metal frame, wired with plasterboard (gypsum) sheets.

In our company you can make a gypsum structure with:

— round details;

— semicircular details;

— undulating details;

— details of non-standard form.


In the author's design projects by Luxury Antonovich Design, the design of the ceilings is of great importance. Ceiling structures of gypsum with several levels allow us to transform the interior, and also add useful features to the ceiling fit-out. A multi-level ceiling of gypsum with lighting can be used as a source of dim light in the dark.

Multi-level bend ceilings, which, according to our designers' idea, have point lighting elements and pendant lamps, which occupy the central place of the ceiling surface, are able to add sophistication to the overall interior. The multi-level ceiling by Luxury Antonovich Design Company may surprise with extraordinary shapes, transitions and built-in lights.

For luminaires, special niches are created in which LED lighting is mounted. To emphasize the effects of lighting placed in the center of the room and the perimeter, depending on the destination. The use of ceiling lamps and chandeliers of unusual shape will create a comfortable as well as a pleasant atmosphere at home. Gypsum ceilings with lighting will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, combined with the style of the walls and floor fit-out. Several levels of the ceiling of complex shapes, in combination with a suspended ceiling will be the ideal solution for decorating the interior of a beautiful house.

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